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About Us

Used & More Trading has been established in 2016. Behind the concept of Used & More is a GCC experience of more than 25 years. The intention is to create a demand for "used" furniture, antiques, "used" electronics and "used" appliances in a modern way.


What differentiates Used & More from other websites is our unique concept. Behind our website, there is a warehouse that anyone can visit and that stocks all the items that are posted on our website. Also, we buy directly from our customers that are registered in our database if we come to an agreement. 


We do not believe that it is suitable for individuals to purchase "used" items directly from other individuals due to the many factors that could contribute to various sorts of dangers and/or misunderstandings. For this reason, we have established our business to create a "customer to business" relationship instead of an "individual to individual" relationship. 


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