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Our Policies

Sales Policy:


Our sales policy is governed by the prices mentioned in our website and by our website terms and conditions.  


All the prices that are mentioned in our website and also in our warehouse are after discount and do not include any delivery or shipment. For bulk or heavy items, the customer should arrange his / her own transportation modes and labor as well. We can however help by providing the mobiles numbers of reasonably priced hire pick-ups that could also include laborers (to help in the carrying).


Items can only be collected upon full cash payment. We do not allow credit terms.


Items are to be checked by the customer to ensure that the quality is up to his/her satisfaction as the items are purchased "used".


No return of any items shall be accepted. We can however accept exchange of an item but this is subject to item inspection first and also subject to our sales and exchange policies.

Our quotation that shall be provided to individuals visiting directly our warehouse shall be valid for 3 days only.


The "Want to sell on consignment basis?", "Want to Sell?", "Reserve" and the "Interested" buttons (click on) form part of our Sales Policy.


We reserve the right to to change the prices at any time without any prior notification.


Our original invoice shall remain as a proof of purchase. A photocopy of the invoice shall not be accepted. 


Tampering with our original invoices or quotations or our website or with our company stamp or negatively affecting our credentials or anyone damaging in any way our business shall be considered as a crime and such an individual (s) shall be reported to the concerned authorities for further action. 


Used & More shall not accept any complaints regarding any possible errors, omitting or incomplete details in our website or in our warehouse. Errors are considered only human.


Our Sales Policy is also governed by the below Warranty and Exchange Policies.

Warranty Policy:


We offer a 7 days warranty on all our purchased "used" electronics and appliances from the date of purchase. All customers are kindly requested to keep our original invoices as a proof of purchase as without such a proof our warranty shall be null and void. Also, in order for the warranty to be applicable, the item that is purchased must be returned in the same condition that it was purchased initially (with no damages or scratches). In the case that the item is not functioning due to "technical issues" but not due to customer misuse or abuse, the amount mentioned on the original invoice shall be refunded and we shall bear no other costs or responsibilities whatsoever they might be.


Used & More doesn't offer any warranty on furniture items.


Exchange Policy:


We offer our customers a 48 hours exchange policy provided that the item is returned accompanied by our original invoice and in the same condition that it was purchased initially (with no damages or scratches). In the case that the item is returned, the customer shall select any other item instead from our warehouse that should cover the same amount of money as mentioned on the original invoice.


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